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EXPERIMENTAL MOVEMENT with LIVE INDIAN RAAGS   ( open to  dancers or  anyone Intersted in movement)


Experimentation in movement with Indian Raags played live, for personal emotional sensing, enhancing feeling intelligence and developing deliberate (at will) emotional expression.


The workshop is not aiming at skilled dance. The purpose is to go within on a personal journey in the held space of the group. The aim is to feel the ( Rasas) emotions that are evoked by the notes in the music ( Raags ) and to feel free to express oneself in movement. It is also absolutely fine to just lay, roll around or do nothing at all but feel!


Indian Raagas are an ancient and  emotionally developed form of music that is highly improvised by the player.  The Musical themes focus on a collection of Rasas ( emotions ) Jason Kalidas will play the evocative instrument  Bansuri (  Low pitched Bamboo flute ) along with Tampura soundscapes.


We approach the work in a playful yet curious way, using juxtaposed Raagas in the session we can tangibly feel the contrast of emotions. We come into circle between each Raag and movement session (of around 15 mins) and reflect on each experience. As we move from one to the other we will experience very contrasting  journeys into the feelings . We will cover around 3- to 5 Raags

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Technical and theory masterclass in the energetics of rhythmic cycles using Tabla and electronic beats.

Developing dance in a variety of time cycles breaks habitual rhythmic patterns of improvisations and opens up creativity. 


Various time cycles hold different energetics and emotional content. Learning and practicing them gives us new angles of understanding rhythm in form. This ads to the lexicon of any artists repertoire. 

Rhythmic cycles of seven, ten, twelve , nine , sixteen and even obscure cycles like thirteen are learned and viscerally experienced  through speaking Tabla bols ( drum sound syllables ) clapping and receptive cyclic movements. We develop this  into basic choreographies.

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